June 26, 2018 4 min read

Make your Independence Day celebration even more festive with these recipes that embrace the colors of the season; Red, White & Blue.

Nothing says America like an American flag and we have several recipes and how-to's on how to make a Flag Fruit Kabob, a recipe for the ultimate American Pie and a Fruit Pizza in all the colors of Old Glory.

Red, white and blue recipes don't have to be all about the flag. The All-American Snack Mix is a blend of sweet and salty for the perfect patriotic treat or for something healthy we have a spinach, blueberry, and bleu cheese salad - Berry, Red, White and Blue Salad recipe. We also step up the traditional Fruit Salad in a watermelon bowl with star-shaped fruit!


American flag themed strawberry, banana, and blueberry fruit kabobs on a ceramic board

Celebrate with a USA Flag Fruit Kabob! 

You can make this Independence Day extra special by making Flag Fruit Kabobs for your gathering! Fruit kabobs are an easy to make, fun to eat, healthy snack that can be served before, during or after the 4th of July fireworks display (or any patriotic holiday)!


An American flag colored fruit pizza with sliced red strawberries and blueberries next to a RADA Cutlery Pizza Cutter and a couple handkerchiefs

Create this colorful Fruit Pizza in Celebration of the Land of the Free!

This is a great treat for any occasion, especially as a patriotic dessert for Memorial Day or Independence Day. Try this recipe for your next summer get-together, made super easy with the Rada Quick Mix Island Coconut Sweet Dip.

All-American Snack Mix Recipe spilling out of a metal bucket with an American flag painting to the right of the popcorn

Make this All-American Snack Mix for a delicious treat with a patriotic twist!

Snack mix is perfect for parties, hikes, or just a midday snack. This mix features delightful red, white, and blue colors that make it fun as well as tasty.

It’s a wonderful treat, containing crispy cinnamon cereal, popcorn, chocolaty M&M candies, sweet blueberries and cranberry, all coated in heavenly white chocolate.

A bowl of leafy spinach, blackberries, sliced strawberries and more in a glass bowl next to our RADA Granny Paring knife

Make this lovely berry salad recipe for a salad that’s as healthy as it is delicious!

Featuring fresh fruits and vegetables and an outrageous homemade dressing, this salad is the perfect way to enjoy a summer meal. With it's razor sharp blade you will be eating fresh fruits in minutes when you use the Rada Cutlery Granny Paring Knife.

Homemade strawberry and blueberry pie with crust strips arranged as an American Flag over the top of the pie

American Flag Strawberry-Blueberry Pie is a grand way to celebrate the 4th!

Feeling like a patriotic dessert that will wow your friends and family? You’ve found it with this amazing American flag pie recipe! Blueberries and strawberries join with a beautiful flaky crust to make the only other dessert that’s as American as apple pie. Watch the Video to see how to make it!

RADA stainless steel Pie Server above an American-themed strawberry and blueberry pie



Cut and serve a perfect slice with the Rada Cutlery Pie Server.



How to Make a Firecracker Fruit Salad

Kristi slicing a large watermelon with the RADA Ham Slicer

Choose a medium to large seedless watermelon to create your bowl. Slice lengthways down the middle all the way through with a long knife like the Rada Ham Slicer.

Kristi Kay scooping out a large watermelon with the RADA Ice Cream Scoop

Scoop out the watermelon of one half into another bowl. The Rada Ice Cream Scoop makes this step easy!

Kristi decorating the edge of a large watermelon with the RADA Paring Knife

Make diagonal cuts around the rim of the watermelon to make a decorative edge. A Rada Paring Knife is just the right size.

Kristi making even slices from a large watermelon using the RADA Slicer knife

Slice the other half of the watermelon into thin slices. The same thickness as your star cookie cutter. The Ham Slicer will work or try a little shorter knife like the Rada Cutlery Slicer.

Kristi making star shapes from a large watermelon using a small metal cookie cutter

Cut out star-shaped watermelon pieces using a star cookie cutter!

Kristi stringing watermelon stars onto wooden skewers of varying lengths and placing into watermelon bowl

Spear watermelon stars onto a wooden skewer. Cut skewers to different lengths for varying levels of height. Make as many stars on a stick that you wish.

Kristi placing the wooden skewers with watermelon stars into the other watermelon bowl

Push the skewers into the bottom of the watermelon bowl. Return the watermelon you scooped out to the watermelon bowl.

Finished watermelon bowl decorated with slices of bananas, blueberries, cubes of watermelon and star skewers next to some fruit kabobs and a RADA Ice Cream Scoop leaning up against it

For a red, white and blue theme add blueberries and bananas. Helpful note: Dip bananas in lemon juice to prevent browning.

Add any remaining watermelon stars to the top of the salad. Store in refrigerator until ready to serve!

 Superior for Slicing Watermelon

RADA Cutlery Ham Slicer with triangular slices of watermelon, halved strawberries and a string of grapes around it

Rada Ham Slicer

Slice extra large watermelons with ease when you use the Rada Cutlery Ham Slicer. This versatile knife features a 9 ½-inch blade, the longest we make at Rada Mfg. Co. The blade easily slices through larger meats such as hams, loins, and roasts. But the long blade, which is constructed of surgical-quality steel and hand-sharpened for a razor edge, has uses far beyond simply slicing your favorite meats. It also comes in handy with large foods such as cakes, melons, and more!

"Like all Rada knives, the ham slicer is  wonderful. Sharp, thin and long enough to make slicing even a large game easy. I recommend Rada knives to anyone who asks about what kind of knives to buy. Far  superior to expensive knives I’ve owned and with a few strokes of the knife sharpener, always  razor sharp. I’ll never buy anything else."
 - Willyne C. - Verified Buyer 05/03/18


We are Proud to Say, "Made in the USA"!A day at RADA Manufacturing's factory in Waverly, Iowa as our employees work with an American flag in the foreground to the right

100% Made in America

Rada Mfg. Co. has been producing America’s best kitchen knives and utensils since 1948. Based out of Waverly, Iowa in the heart of the American Midwest, Rada Mfg. Co. makes everything they offer entirely in the USA. From design to manufacture, your favorite Rada Cutlery products are the work of American employees, who put their unmatched skill into each and every item. We stand behind what we offer, and offer a Lifetime Guarantee with our cutlery and utensils. When you buy Rada Cutlery, you don’t just buy American, you buy for life!

A protected hand putting the final sharpening edge on a Rada Regular Paring Knife

Take a tour of our factory and meet our employees!