From Humble Beginings

Our story begins in 1948. The war was over, and aluminum and steel were no longer needed to help the war effort. That’s when the manufacturing of our aluminum handle kitchen knives started in earnest from a humble family-owned business in Iowa.

Lots has changed since then, but we’re still family owned and operated, and those knives have become famous. As a matter of fact, some of our original silver handle knives – Regular Paring, Steak/Utility, and Slicer – are still in production!

Today we continue to bring you that same made-in-the-USA quality in ALL types of products, from dozens of outstanding knives to commercial-grade pans and so much more. As our journey continues, we invite you to be part of our story.

Creating Lasting Quality Since 1948

American Craftsmanship

Every one of our products is handcrafted in the heart of the USA, with materials only from America. Our strong heritage and Midwest values assure dependability you can believe in and sharp good looks you’ll be proud to have in your home.

For more than 70 years, we’ve been crafting knives that stand the test of time. Our blades are created with surgical-quality, T420 high-carbon stainless steel and each is meticulously hand-sharpened to a razor-sharp edge. We build each with the highest expectations… a lifetime of use, guaranteed.

Outstanding knives. Exceptional Value. That’s the Rada way.

Helping more than 12,000 groups a year raise money for a multitude of good causes.

Lifting Up Others

Our business was created with the mindset of helping others. In fact, the only place people could buy our knives initially was through a fundraiser! Rada is incredibly proud to carry on that tradition and offer a superb fundraising program. Helping more than 12,000 groups a year raise money for a multitude of good causes gives us all kinds of warm fuzzies. Schools, churches, youth sports, women’s leagues, veterans’ organizations, fire departments, pet rescue groups, and scores of others all benefit from our remarkable products. Priced at a great value, Rada’s useful, everyday products are easy to sell! Learn more about our fundraising program.

Many years ago, when the only “reviews” a product was going to get was through word-of-mouth, we found our biggest fans selling Rada products at flea markets across the U.S. They had discovered these incredible knives after purchasing from a fundraiser and spent their days making a living by spreading the news about how great they were. We love that passion! Flea markets, craft fairs, catalog sales, home parties, social media sales, locally owned stores … however entrepreneurs want to sell Rada, we’ve built the programs, materials, and systems to support them. Our success is their success, and their success is our success. Interested in learning more?

Generations of Fans

Longtime fans of Rada know this: they wouldn’t dream of stocking their kitchens with anything but Rada products. And not just because their grandmas and moms used Rada too, but because they know Rada offers the best knives at the best value.

Every single day, we are blessed to have customers reach out to tell us how much they enjoy using our products. Our thanks to them for continually building us up. And, for anyone who uses our products and then tells their friends and family about this great little knife company in Iowa, we think you’re pretty great too.

Rada offers the Best Knives at the Best Value!