Mixing Spoons Set

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Designed like wooden spoons, but so much easier to keep clean, the three different-sized spoons in this set are sturdy enough to tackle cookie dough and gentle enough for your non-stick pans.

  • Set includes 3 Mixing Spoons: small (9⅞ʺ), medium (11¾ʺ), and large (13¾ʺ).
  • Designed like wooden spoons, with an easy-to-clean BPA-free surface.
  • Dishwasher safe to help make your life just a little bit easier.
  • Heat Resistant up to 250 degrees.
  • Made in the USA.

Item B311

The Extraordinary Value of the Mixing Spoons Set


The Mixing Spoons Set comes in classic black that goes with every kitchen--modern farmhouse to contemporary. You’ll love these versatile spoons so much that we’ve packaged them in a set of three different sizes. The more, the merrier!


The Mixing Spoons in this set are neither big and bulky nor too small. They fit and feel good in the hand, so using them won’t be a chore. Just give them a quick wash in the sink or toss them into the dishwasher for easy cleaning. Made from BPA-free materials.


No kitchen is complete without this set of spoons. These babies do it all, from scooping peanut butter out of the jar and stirring it into a big batch of monster cookies to mounding whipped cream between those cookies after they’re baked. Mix up pancake batter and combine ingredients for a nice fruit salad. These are the must-have, multi-use tools for your kitchen.

Product Specifications




heat resistant to 250°



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    Dawn P.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Best knives ever

    I have always loved these knives, so much so I have purchased most of these knives for my children. The ice cream scoop is amazing, it slices right through even hard ice cream.

    Billie L.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Great spoons

    I love that these spoons can be put in the dishwasher! The only negative is the handles are a little too skinny! I recommend them to anyone that is tired of wooden spoons!

    Judy O.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    I love Rada priducts

    I already had used the mixing spoons before this last purchase. I loved them which is why I bought them as surprise gifts for my breakfast club! They now love them too!

    kevin r.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Great Product

    everything that I have piurchased made in the usa from Rada has been of exceptional quality!


    What are the three handle styles?

    Silver. Our silver permanently cast solid brushed aluminum handles with a satin finish were the “originals,” dating back to post-WWII (1948), when manufacturing of non-war-related products began in earnest

    Black. Our black handles are made from stainless steel resin and were introduced in 2007 to offer more choices to our customers. This handle is also more tolerant of dishwashers.

    Anthem Wave. In 2019, another black handle was introduced. Called Anthem Wave, it has an ergonomic grip and is slightly longer and larger than our other handles, great for people who prefer a bigger handle.

    What’s the best way to care for Rada cutlery?

    The best way to care for all fine cutlery is to hand wash and then dry immediately. Hand washing eliminates the harsh environment created by a dishwasher’s high temperatures and abrasive detergents, prevents microscopic dings on the blades’ cutting edge, and helps protect your knives from corrosion, ultimately extending the life of their finish. Caring for your knives properly assures they’ll remain sharp and in great condition for a lifetime of use

    What makes Rada knives so special?

    Every Rada Cutlery product is 100% American made, from raw materials through construction. Always have been; always will be.

    Our knives are crafted with surgical-quality high-carbon stainless steel and hand sharpened, giving every Rada knife a razor-sharp edge.

    All non-serrated Rada knives can be easily resharpened when needed, to achieve a like-new blade again and again.

    Every product manufactured by Rada Mfg. Co. is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE from defects in material or workmanship. Our craftsmanship is topnotch, meaning you’ll probably never need this guarantee, but if you do, we’ll be here for you to honor our promise.

    Our products last. Families often pass their knives from generation to generation. The low price you’ll pay for that kind of quality is remarkable!

    Can this product be used with both hands?

    Hooray! All Rada knives (as well as the Quick Edge Knife Sharpener) and utensils can be used by either right- or left-handed users equally well. Our Cheese Knife has special features designed to work its best when held in the right hand. However, customers have told us they use the knife with their left hand without issue.

    Every serrated Rada knife and “cutting utensil” is made using the BEST type of serration for its intended purpose. Non-serrated blades are hollow ground on both sides for ultimate cutting and slicing.

    How is the Quick Edge Sharpener used?

    Simply grip the sharpener’s durable nylon base at the end furthest from the wheels with one hand and pull a knife blade between the wheels of the sharpener at a slight upward angle using the other hand; repeat four to six times. This works equally well whether you hold the sharpener with your left hand (logo is facing you for “righties”) or with your right hand (logo is facing away from you for “lefties”). Now, carefully wipe off the blade to remove any metal shavings and you’re done!

    The secret is in the Quick Edge Knife Sharpener’s dual steel wheels, which intersect to sharpen both sides of a knife blade at the same time. The specially hardened, high-carbon stainless wheels ensure that blades reach their sharpest point with only a few passes

    Why Rada?

    Rada Mfg. Co. has been manufacturing cutlery in the Midwest since 1948, selling more than 170 million knives since that time. Every product is 100% made in the USA, from raw materials all the way through construction.

    We started out in a small facility producing just six products and three gift sets, several of which are still in production today. We’ve come a long way since then and offer 125+ products from knives, utensils, and gift sets to kitchen tools, food mixes, and recipe and gift books.

    Through the years, Rada has remained strong, with this goal at the forefront: providing outstanding knives at an exceptional value that everyone can afford. Because sharp knives shouldn’t be a luxury.

    Rada also helps thousands of fundraising groups raise money for their causes through our Fundraising Programs and provides an opportunity for individuals and small businesses to sell and profit from Rada products through our Reseller Program.


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