May 24, 2018 2 min read

Chicken -  it's always a family favorite no matter if it's baked, roasted, fried, boiled or grilled! Enjoy these recipes with chicken you will want to keep!


Click Here to see tips from Chef Blake on how to cut up a whole chicken.



Greek Chicken Gyros

Make this chicken gyro recipe for a fresh meal that’s both delicious and healthy! Featuring succulent chicken in pita bread with a classic tzatziki sauce, the whole family will find it irresistible.

Sweet Southern Drumsticks 

In a zippered plastic bag, maBBQ'd drumsticks in front of a mason jar of sweet tea and party dipsh together1/4 C brown sugar, 2 tsp. minced garlic,4 tsp. salt, and 2 tsp. black pepper to form a paste. Toss in 12 chicken drumsticks, seal the bag, and rub thoroughly until the chicken is coated.
Chill overnight

Grease the grill grate and preheat the grill on medium heat for indirect cooking. Whisk together 1/2 C. of your favorite sweet BBQ sauce, 3 T. pure maple syrup, and 2 T. ketchup
 set aside. Arrange the drumsticks on the hot side of the grill, cooking until browned on all sides.

Then move them over to the cool side and cook 30 minutes longer, until the internal temperature of the chicken reaches 165 degrees, basting with the sauce several times near the end of cooking.

Chef Blake's Choice Knife 
for Cutting Up Chicken!

Rada Super Parer

Chef Blake slicing through his chicken with a RADA Super Parer knife When it comes to cutting up chicken, Chef Blake's knife of choice is the Rada Super Paring Knife. “The Parer is flexible enough to skin a chicken with relative ease but sturdy enough to dice and slice through onions, potatoes, and just about anything else thrown its way."


Very sharp great knife. The moment we got this knife and used it to section an orange we knew we had a new favorite. It made the task easy and efficient. Everything you want in a paring knife. Good good good.
 - Kathy Z. - Verified Buyer - 02/01/18

Chef Jess's Knife Choice 
for Preparing Chicken!

Rada French Chef Knife

Chef Blake slicing up thorough a piece of chicken on a wooden cutting boardThis professional chef knife features an 8 ½-inch blade, one designed with a large cutting surface and specially shaped so that it can rock to dice and mince vegetables as well as meat.

Ask any
 professional chef and they’ll tell you that the French Chef knife is their most valuable tool on the job, one that home cooks who prepare top-quality meals should also consider.


WOW This is my new favorite knife......I now find myself looking for things to chop and slice. I made scalloped potatoes and was able to slice them paper-thin, just how my 89 year old mother likes them. It is weighted perfectly and the grip is fabulous. 

- Beverly - Verified Buyer -12/26/17