Rada Direct Ship Program

Promote Rada Cutlery by sharing your affiliate link, earn 25% PROFIT from resulting purchases, and we will ship the order.

Three EASY Steps to Get Started:

  1. Fill out the application below and  be approved within one working day!
  2. Receive instructions by email on how to get started earning profits!
  3. You will  receive your profit check every month  by email!  Checks will be payable to the "Business Name" provided below.

Get started with Rada Cutlery now by completing the form below. 

It only takes  5 MINUTES to get started (accounts approved the next business day)! 

  1. You will receive a welcome email that includes your affiliate link and a link to your personalized Direct Ship Dashboard.
  2. The email address provided above will be used to deliver your eCheck as well as set up your account. (Currently only available in the USA.)
  3. Share your ordering link with your prospective customers on your favorite methods - email, blog, website and/or social media.
  4. Earn 25% profit from all products purchased using your link, paid via Deluxe eChecks.
  5. You will have access to your customer purchase/contact information much as you would in any personally operated e-commerce business.

Promoting Your Partnership with Rada Cutlery

After your Rada Direct Ship account is approved by Customer Service then you will be ready to start sharing your affiliate link.

Your success in earning profits will likely be closely correlated to frequent link sharing via email/social media or in evergreen blog/website content.

Here are resources that you can use right now:

Google Drive Link:  https://bit.ly/2jiLm7g  

Use the Google Drive link above for additional images and other resources (or if you have any issues copying the materials below from this page.

As well this link will be updated as more of such content will be made available over time. 

Facebook Posting & Email Content

Images for sharing on Facebook:

Sample Facebook post to modify and personalize:

"I am now partnering with Rada Cutlery to provide you the highest quality products at great prices. You can buy Kitchen Knives, Cooking Utensils, Cutlery Gift Sets, and so much more! Just click this link  [insert your Refersion Link]  and enjoy your cooking journey!"


Photos for posting on Instagram:


Sample email to modify & personalize:


I have added a new product line/purchasing opportunity I think you would be interested in! I am now selling Rada Cutlery’s 100% USA Made kitchen products .

All you have to do is click on this link [insert your Refersion link] to start shopping. By using this link you can shop direct from the manufacturer, have items shipped to your door, and I will receive the credit from your order.

I want to thank you and remind you how much I appreciate your business!

[your name]

Helpful YouTube Information:

If you post YouTube videos and want to link to your affiliate account within the video - using Video Annotations, you can do just that!

Don't bury the link in a long video description, make it appear during the video on the screen allowing your supporters an easier way to purchase from you!

To add your Direct Ship Link to a YouTube video:

  • Login and view your video on YouTube
  • Select "Annotations", in the menu above your video
  • Click the " Add annotation" button
  • Type the text you want to appear on your video in the field provided
  • Check the "Link" checkbox and choose "Fundraising Project" from the drop-down menu on the right
  • Add your Customized Link in the field provided below
  • Click the "Save" and "Publish" buttons

For more detailed instructions on how to add and edit video annotations, please see:

YouTube's Help Article

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